Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm a girl who usually laughs at her mistakes, so excuse me if I laugh in your face.

i haven't slept so relaxingly in ages meaning i don't have to worry about wat homework i forgot to do, i can sleep till the sun is up and shining and i don't need to say "Hello everyone!!" in radio MGS and worry about wat appropriate stuff to say and songs to play >.< phewww~ love love love the holidays!! think less, stress less :D but after the hols, no time to even sleep :(

as for the title above, i am that type of girl and  i found the awesome quote from http://twitter.com/OMGTeenQuotez

yesterday i really had fun at Shammi's house for CNY :D haha. i like parties and i like karaoke.
i also crapped something yesterday which is:
zale to everyone (on the mic): how do u say that a girl is lala??
li xin to me: u are lala lah.
zale to everyone: owh, then my boyfriend is si hum lah. hahaha.
add some more stuff from everywhere: but i prefer sotong, crab, lai lui har, long har((lobster) and so on... bwahaha.

well, i probably should do my english homework now so i'll end here today till next time :D 
I WANT A LOT OF ANG POW'S!!! wheeee~ 
owh yeah. i also want to say i painted my nails too. 
fingernails= purple+orange gold and toenails= turquoise+gold ^_^ 
hugs and kisses,

Saturday, January 29, 2011

abbreviations; CNY and JB + Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, school :D

OHMYGOSH. I MISS U BLOG!! so i'll start blogging like right now.
Intro: Today is the 29th of Jan, going to be 10pm and it's the start of the Chinese New Year holidays~
i'm on the computer but i don't really feel like facebooking today. my brother's playing this bloody video game on tv, background sounds giving me a freakin' headache so now i'm putting on my earphones, me ignoring him. haha. plus will u believe me if i tell u i'm listening to chinese songs too?? lol. i DO listen to chinese songs, love some korean and japanese too plus a few malay songs but mostly all english la~

1st thing i wanna say:  IT'S 2011!!!! i didn't get to blog about the new year. yikes. but anyway, i'm form 4 now, sweet sixteen??!! haha. school life is hectic, horrible, terrible, tiring but interesting, fun and awesome at the same time. :) wait. should i change my blog layout since it's the new year? but i really like it the way it is. lol. ok, back to school. i have quite a lot of post this year. e.g. AJK RADIO MGS, asst. secretary of bola jaring, form 4 rep. of rukun negara, AJK renjers and last but not least, always the person in charge of the PA in interact, AJK interact but i like my post :)  all this shows what i have to do in school this year plus new subjects >.< i'm in 4 Science 3 and i like my new class. kay, running out of time adi so i'll put some of my fascinating teacher quotes here. haha.
Cik Lailatul : katak dalam microwave. hahaha. not katak di dalam tempurung, i don't think i'm learning BM at all in her class. haha.
Mr Cheang : a girl is a young female human being. haha. this influenced me in calling everyone humans. lol.
Ms Loh : it is not FUN to be a slave. hahahaha. imagine her saying that and u will laugh like LOL.
-i'll continue talking 'bout my school life till next time-

2nd thing i wanna say is: look up at my title. JUSTIN BIEBER, TAYLOR SWIFT AND BRUNO MARS = ME WANNA GO WATCH THEM LIVE!!! 3 awesome people that i really really like. i SERIOUSLY want to go to their concert. Justin Bieber : 21st April, Stadium Merdeka. for this specific adorable person that i did not think will ever come to Malaysia is coming but there is no one out there who can really confirm to wanna go with me. i'm feeling really depressed that most probably i can't go but i won't give up YET. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER!!!! hahaha. next, Taylor Swift : not sure if she's coming to Malaysia but she is going to Singapore. i wanted to join the contest to win an all expense paid trip to her concert there but unfortunately there were some complications. maybe i'm not fated this time to watch her in SG but i will next time. I LOVE YOU TOO TAYLOR SWIFT!!!! Bruno Mars : sometime in April too. bwahahaha. talented guy means must watch!!!! probably i'll go watch with alia??
one of my life goal before i die : WATCH THREE OF THEM LIVE, if not now, maybe next time :D

~ i gotta stop a sec for AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 10 <3 be right back ~

BACKK. 3rd thing i wanna say is: HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE OUT THERE!!!! GONG XI FA CAI, ANG POW NA LAI!!!!! hahahaha. i'll end this with an awesome chinese new year song since i can see that my blog post is quite empty cos it's all words. haha.

this is THE END of my blog post for today so bye bye!! take care everyone~
P.S : NICOLE TAN!!! i finally updated my blog!! hahaha!!! :D

Many hugs and kisses,

Monday, October 11, 2010

the end of PMR :)

It's been two months blog and i miss u very much :)
FREEDOM is finally here cos PMR is OVER ~ yay! yay!
crossing my fingers for those 7A's :D
and guess what?
i am going to..... ADAM LAMBERT'S CONCERT .................
this thursday at bukit jalil. taking choo choo train go kl and shopping is definitely on my list. lols.
still have lots to plan and i'm going with ALIA. i can't wait!!

PMR over, tons of stuff to do but i can't decide wat to do now. haha. maybe sleep? lack of sleep. i'll mask myself l8r i guess and my nails need some pampering too :)
so i'll blog again some time very soon :D

* this blog post very short la. haha.
thousands of hugs and kisses,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I.U. Day 2010

hey hey, it's been a while since my last blogpost...
today was MGS first I.U. Day =] and it was...
awesome, nice, fun, tiring, hectic, funny, crazy, loud
and it was a success ^_^
all the performances and games were all fun + brilliant.
performances : fan dance, lollipop dance, anderson's performance and the cat dance
games : sushi making, mr. geisha and the calligraphy game
(sorry no photos cos my phone's camera is still not working but maybe u can see it on facebook)
i'm glad but a teeny bit sad that it's over.
i hope everyone who was present enjoyed themselves and thought it was awesome too.
there were problems planning this I.U. Day but we managed to overcome it XD
bittersweet moment ~
LOL. and now there's like 2 weeks till trials so wish me gud luck la =)
i guess i won't blog till after PMR but you'll never know what the future holds....
tell u sumthing, when u face a problem, eventually it can be solved so don't worry- i always tell myself this but i still worry about everything O.O that's who i am i guess. haha.
anyways, take care and be happy la ~

hugs and kisses,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

everytime i think of u, i feel like crying.....

it's been 2 days since i lost you but i still think of u everytime i have the chance...
no one really understands or knows how much u mean to me and how sad i am now.
everytime i think about u, gone, i feel so sad inside cos u are a part of me.
these 3 years i've been so used to seeing u here and there, bringing u along with me.
now you're gone.

i'm actually talking about
my MISS WHATEVER pencil box.
on monday, during recess my pencil box was on the table. after recess, i put my pencil box into my bag and that was the last time i saw it. after our karangan paper, me, li xin and crystal went to take our bags outside (3 feet away from our door) and we saw my bag and crystal's were gone. it ended up further away and our bags were open, with our things on the floor. crystal's japan coin purse was stolen but i actually didn't realize my pencil box was gone till i went back to class. we quickly went to datin but actually it's no point...

i felt devasted and angry at the same time, i couldn't cry in front of mrs. lee and datin but i really do feel SO SAD... have u ever lost something very important to u? if u haven't, u won't noe wat i'm feeling inside.... maybe my heart really is broken....

to those fucking assholes who stole my pencil box, i really hope u'll die or get h1n1 (quoting alia) u made me (and still is) feel so horibble and miserable inside .....

haiz........ tears just come whenever i think of it....
i dun noe how to get over it and i really really miss it..
i will always love and remember it.....

now, i gtg back to study cos i used 1 hour to blog =.=" haiz...
anyway, holidays are coming soon and more time to do watever i wan...
blog again after exams ~
wish me luck 2moro and 2moro ~ =]

hugs and kisses,

Monday, April 26, 2010

LOVE Tim Urban

hey hey hey. i'm just gonna blog a few words as i seriously need to do either sejarah, geografi or seni now so here's a video of Tim Urban who is super cute and awesome in this song ^^

like him? nice voice? haha.
so, ciao and cross my fingers that i can finish all my work before the deadline of each project =.="

hugs and kisses,

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

i have abandoned my blog for almost like a month now >.<
yesterday was APRIL FOOL and it was like i prank u, u prank me XD hahaha.
today is a holiday and i am bored to pieces... all of the MGS prefects are going to cameron for ltc whereas i am stuck at home procrastinating my work, watching youtube and blogging. i'm wasting my time till tuition ltr and it will be the same routine again and again.. well, now i sound pathetic XP

okays, let's change the topic, my class, the one and only 3 Heron 2010 made badges for the pesta ria pre-sale and although there were some problems here and there and everyone was stressed out but i think in the end the badges were totally cute and we did a great job! kudos to everyone esp. to those who helped ^^ and i seriously love love love all my frens, they're all awesome =D
as for pesta ria, we still have tons to do and we're going to make class t-shirt =] to anyone who is reading this, come to our 3 Heron games stall during pesta ria!! warning: you'll be wet! lols.

-pause to drink water- *gulp gulp*

okays, i am a movie buff ^^
since last, last holiday till now, i've watched a lot of movies and i'm gonna list them down:
  • percy jackson and the lightning thief
  • fame
  • bandslam
  • yesman
  • bedtime stories
  • julie and julia
  • 500 days of summer
  • alice in wonderland 3D
  • ghost of girlfriends past
  • push
  • tooth fairy
  • hot summer days
  • jennifer's body
  • i love you beth cooper

thanks to the cinema, dvds and pps, i get to watch a lot of movies XD haha. and now i'm gonna list down the movies that i wanna watch but haven't gotten a chance to watch:

  • up in the air
  • the lovely bones
  • dear john
  • when in rome
  • nine
  • remember me
  • the runaways
  • the last song
  • valentine's day
  • date night
  • the blind side
  • precious

thanks to the cinemas in ipoh who doesn't show a lot of the movies listed above, i will just find a way to watch it next time >.<

next on this blog today, i wanna tell u my guilty pleasure which is reading novels, magazines and comics till late at nite *psst, dun tell my mum!* haha. recently, i bought FADE which is the second book after WAKE, both books are awesome and i can't wait for GONE =] i am currently reading a book entitle I'm In No Mood For Love by Rachel Gibson and the book plus the author is awesome ^^ lols. and i just remembered that i have to buy CLEO april issue, i still haven't read finish the march issue yet O.o

i will stop crapping on my beloved blog now and in conclusion (i'm like writing an essay XD) u noe now that i am an armchair novelist and a movie-holic..... mwahahahaha ^_^

hugs and kisses for u and to myself,